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Finance Director 財務總監

Club Med地中海俱樂部
  • 酒店管理集團  |
  • 500人以上  |
  • 2021-03-26

  不限工作經驗  不限學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
  英語 熟練   年齡:不限


To assist the General Manager in administering & managing the Hotel’s Operation, maintain cost & quality standards and drive profit for the organization. Lead by example in terms of training, community involvement & safety & security. Responsible for the Operation in the GM’s absence in accordance with Club Med Joyview Yanqing Beijing’s Policies & Procedures. Participate in aspects of the Hotel’s Management.

Duties & Responsibilities:
 Ensure the smooth running of the day to day Hotel Operation by leading the F&B/FO/HSKP/BTQ/SPA.
 Ensure Club Med Joyview Yanqing Beijing Policy & Procedures are followed in relation to the hotel operation,including maintenance, environmental health, fire & safety systems & quality standards.
 Contribute to the Hotel’s Marketing Plan, ensuring clear strategies & action plans are in place to penetrate key market segments.
 Work closely with the Financial Controller/Room Allocation Market Analyst to monitor trends, competitive data & business forecasts
 Lead by example in GEI. Ensure as information comes in from GEI action plans are established & followed up to address issues promptly.
 Drive brand standards to ensure guest expectations are met & surpassed.
 Prepare Operational Budgets in conjunction with the Financial Controller.
 Practice cost efficiency & opportunities to maximize profits for the Owner.
 Drive efficiency to achieve the highest volume of revenues & maximize on flow thru’ to see optimum EBITDA
 Attract, develop & retain an effective team of Department heads & Associates.
 Monitor & oversee consistent training & development plans for Associates to ensure a positive Guest experience, high morale & strategic continuity planning within the Hotel.
 Provide clear leadership for the quality & progress initiatives (eg. OPEX) aligned with business goals & objectives, maintaining close liaison & support for the team & change activities.
 Ensure that building & plant are maintained to company & legal standards. Prepare Capital Plan including necessary investments to guarantee short & long term standards with a special emphasis on guest experience & the hotels positioning in the market place.
 Ensure a cost effective, innovative & quality rooms/F&B operation in the hotel thru’ effective product planning, marketing & product presentation.
 Monitor IT implementation standards & track software enhancements to ensure best use & application.
 Monitor purchasing activities & promote actions to achieve best value for money while maintaining Corporate & Divisional standards.
 Foster Club Med organization contacts to ensure best use of company skills, services & professional knowledge
 Institute a clear communication strategy within the hotel & supporting teams to ensure effective sharing & updating of information thru’ out the property. Include a structured & active meetings & briefings process.
 Identify opportunities for resources & facilities to be shared between the properties & implement best practices.
 Represent the company in a professional manner at all times.


聯 系 人:Elva HE
地 址:上海黃浦區中山東二路600號 S1幢701-704


來自法國Club Med是目前全球最大的度假連鎖集團之一,成立于1950年,第一個度假村位于瑞士, 大受歐洲客人的喜愛,并在之后陸續成立海灘度假村,在1979年于馬來西亞成立第一家亞洲度假村。
Club Med度假村以陽光沙灘、高山滑雪聞名,遍及全球30多個國家的80個Club Med度假村總是座落于世界上最為浪漫魅力、寧靜安詳的地方,每一處都是適合放松身心的度假天堂。
作為高端度假休閑品牌,Club Med不僅給客人安心舒適的假期,也是我們客人身份的彰顯—尊貴體面。絕美精致、無憂無慮的自由空間、應有盡有的假日享受、友好而舒適的氛圍、有趣的多種活動項目……所有的這些都將留給我們的客人一段最美好的假日回憶。
   Club Med不斷發展著多元文化交融的和諧氛圍。Club Med所提供的世外桃源、應有盡有、多元文化、活力無限和極品休閑五大主題假期,讓尊貴的客人可以自由選擇能夠充分滿足個性化需求的度假勝地。

GO 福利 :

Club Med海外度假村免費房間;


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